Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Sickness

Dear Sickness,

I am writing to inform you that you are no longer required to infestate the living quarters of a Field of dreams premises. Please fuck off vacate the premises immediately.

As a result of 2 months of antibiotics to treat a sore throat, bronchittis and again a sore throat your continued presence has enabled you to be subsequently labelled as a pest. You now have inhabited both my husbands and son's throats, caused fever in my wee little man and including an ear infection. Seriously, Sickness it's time you said goodbye and take your shit baggage with you. I'm over it.

There was a time where we both pleasantly co-inhabited. You knew that you weren't very welcomed, but after 3 or so days you parted with a sly smile and I hoping to see your back not soon enough. You got what you wanted from my lack of immunity and I got a few days off work catching up on day time soaps and eating chicken soup. But this time its absolutely ridiculous, you've attached yourself to me like some B grade horror alien film monster. No amount of medicine I take helps. I have a barking dog stuck in my chest and a throat that cannot enjoy any luxuries, like food.

I continuously worry for my son. He is so little and doesn't understand why he is feeling like this. You Sickness, are a bully. Consequently, you are also a loser, a tyrant and a self absorbed pathetic attention seeking petty bacterial fungus cunt.

If you require any further abuse information regarding your eviction, please go take it up with the Ombudsman, because i couldn't care less. Piss off.

Yours truly,

a Field of dreams

Bloggies - What's your experiences with Sickness and how do you handle it when you're children are sick?


  1. Hope C is ok! Your way with words is priceless! How do we get immune to a preg bug and not sickness!!??

  2. Poor you, and poor family! You need someone to come make you all some hot tea and cookies ... not your little one, of course, but hopefully he'd benefit from the warm kitchen and steamy teakettle. :(

    Thanks for visiting and commenting today! Not sure if squash is just pumpkin ... we have so many varieties here. I would send you soup for healing if I could!!


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