Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haidee's Gifts - A Virtual Baby Shower

Welcome to my humble abode.

Here have some melomakarona. Greek Honey Cookies made from walnuts. Melomakarona (Mελομακάρονα) are a traditional Greek biscuit that are usually given to guests after a baby is born. Most Greeks don't visit you in hospital, they prefer the comfort of your home, a sticky beak into the gifts you have already received and a warm beverage.

Delicious? You can view the recipe here

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Dear Haidee,
We would all love to wish you the safe arrival of your son.
May he be born sweet, kind, healthy and beautiful just like you.

Gifts from your friends in the blogosphere:


A poem:

"God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me"
~ Pat O'Reilly

The BEST book of all time
Printed in 1969.
Regardless of the baby's age,
reading him a book is great in setting up a sleep routine.

UGG Boots for bub - An Australian gift.
A voucher for 'Victoria's Secrets'
because even if you are post-pregnancy,
you should feel sexy and beautiful all the time.


Claudia's Gifts:

The popular BUMBO!

Flanelette sheets for those cold New Zealand nights.

Just for you - Strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Haidee's Virtual Baby Shower.
Haidee experienced infertility for 3 years and after 3 cycles of IVF she will finally be welcoming her son in July 2011.

To read Haidee's journey, please go to her blog:
MAYBE BABY...(or Maybe the Loony Bin)?

You can still participate by leaving your link in the comments section!


  1. My link:

  2. Love your idea... such a gorgeous friend to Haidee :) This is a great party - lovely to share it with all the blog IF friends out there :)) Your gifts are so thoughtful. Happy Baby Shower to Haidee xoxox

  3. Wow! Thank you Athena! Did you know The Hungry Caterpillar Baby Book is the first thing I brought for this baby when we first started TTC 3 years ago! How's that for coincidence! I LOVED that book as a child and will definately be buying the storybook too (which reminds me that I need to start writing in the baby book before he arrives so he has an accurate record of things). Those cookies look delish and how freakin CUTE are those ugg boots! Might save a trip to Victoria's Secret for a few months time ;-) Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me from Day 1. You're one of the first people I met in the forums and I am so thankful for your friendship, you helped me through those years to get where I am today. Love you!

    CLAUDIA: My beautiful friend, thank you! I'll just munch on those strawberries while I reply . . . mmm . . . those sheets will come in handy with those cold nights although he is actually in the warmest room in the house and gets all day sun - lucky boy! What is a Bumbo?! I'm so lost with some of these gadgets still! So much to learn!

  4. That recipe sounds amazing! Can't wait to have an excuse to make it :)

  5. Bumbo's are brilliant!!!!! Bubs get sick of being laid on the floor on their tummy or back.

    Athena, Bodhi has that book! It's up there with "Where the Wild Things Are"! And thanks for hosting, my you have a lovely home. Where is the toilet? Chon might need it when it's time to unblock!

  6. Apologies - This way to the toilet:

  7. Argh, I just posted a massive post and it disappeared! I hate computers! Try again...

    Ok, because I was lazy and didn't manange to get the pics I wanted into Athena in time (my bad, sorry babe!), here are the links to your pressies! They are all handmade by me so you have unique, non-mass produced gifts made with love. :)

    For the baby boy Nightingale:
    To keep those precious feet warm in a cold Wellington winter.

    For you:
    Yes, you and bub will be matching. Cheesy but cute. Bless!

    For the HG:
    I'm assuming that he will be out on his boat in the freezing cold at some point, so here is a super dorky hat (but at least his head will be warm!).

    Now, I know Chon has already made you some delicious sausage rolls, but I feel the need to make you some more in order to honour the craving you had for them early on in your pregnancy. And besides, can you ever have too many sausage rolls? I don't think so! I've included the recipe for these so you can make so more if you feel the need to consume copious amounts of sausage roll-y goodness:

    So there you go! I understand if you can't be bothered clicking on the links.

    All my love, beautiful girl. It's an absolute pleasure knowing you and I can't wait to "meet" this gorgeous little boy! You're going to be a wonderful mummy.

    Ali xoxox

  8. Awesome, awesome!!! Ok Athena. When I have my baby (however that happens). You gotta host a baby shower for me lol.... So glad I was a part of this...

  9. Thanks Athena for hosting and being so thoughtful

    Here is my link

  10. Love the uggies Athena - so cute!

    Claud - i have seen so many people rave about the bombo's- it will be something on my list when it's my turn!

  11. Thanks Ali! Hahahaha - I would LOVE to see the HG in that hat! That would be hilarious. Those crochet booties are simply adorable. You are so talented Ali (really, you are!) and I love you! Thank you for your support and friendship over the last few years. I don't know what I'd do without you girls. xox

  12. My baby shower gift for haidee is a sleep package, all the things have given me a good night sleep.

    Close and secure sleeper
    I use this for naps with baby, I can still cuddle her without worrying about rolling on her or worrying about sheets going over her head. And it has cylinders to stop her from rolling over.$(KGrHqEOKicE14+k5cOPBNg!0qnysQ~~_12.JPG

    A Nuk pacifier
    Latex if you are bfing or silicon if you are bottle feeding. Even if you don't plan on having a dummy, I would recommend having one just in case.

    A swaddle me wrap
    Easy to use and baby feels safe and secure

    Baby Sense II Breathing Monitor
    This is the only monitor that alerts you if your baby's breathing slows as well as if breathing stops.

    and I bought some duck cookies for the party



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