Friday, May 27, 2011

"Take It, If You Must, This Little Bag of Dreams"

My bum is still fat. Sitting on this hard surface of a public transport train seat is more comfortable with a cushiony arse. Looking out the dirty windows as I depart home, leaving the tree covered hills behind. The brown fallen leaves rustle and the frosty chill of Autumn weather hugs me. It's nice sitting here. So quiet. A seat to myself to sprawl on. The carriage is empty - I pick my nose, finger the Best n Less undies out of my crack, daydream about handsome naked men and sipping cocktails by a lagoon. No interruption apart from an abrupt wake up of the train guards inaudible announcement.

Did I tell you it was quiet?

No kid here. Here no kid.

The parentals packed up their tiny City flat and moved to my neck of the woods. Post-retirement for the two of them so they can be close to their grandson. A grandson my mum babysat after hauling him and travelling nearly 2 hours to get to her home in the City. Now it's a 20 minute walk. Down the road, turn right and we are at their cottage style home with petunia's greeting you in the front garden.

How fucking great is that?

But today's post is actually about my bag. It sits beside me on the train seat. My mate for one and a half whole years. A nappy backpack. It still contains the contents of a nappy, wipes, a dummy and bum lotion. My diary, my medications, books, wallet, deodorant, old train tickets, pens, Libra pads and lip gloss. Scattered items I haven't bothered to throw out.

I'm a part time working woman now with no toddler travelling with me. Most items in this bag are irrelevant. When I was pregnant I indulged in an Oi Oi Nappy Bag that set me back $220. I used it for 3 months. It was useless. Bulky, impractical. Gorgeous but stupid. The strap hurt my arm. It unbalanced me as I held the kid. It stuck out hanging on the pram. Fucking annoying expensive yet gorgeous piece of crap.

The backpack was cheap and functional. I carried it on my back or hung it from the pram and it suited my lifestyle. I will still use it now till the kid starts using a toilet. It will continue to accompany us when we go out to visit friends or play at the park or go shopping.

So I need a new bag for work. Something conducive yet cool. Something to go with my youth worker attitude. Funky jeans and black tops. Zierra shoes and long brown hair with a touch of cherry lip gloss.

I feel like this chick flooded with too many options. Or is it a bloke? Nevermind.

If you have any suggestions, let me know. Unless someone wants to buy me this Chanel Diamond Encrusted number.

What the flying fuck is this?

Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Tote Bag.

Apparently it's in the Top 10 of the most expensive bags in the world. I can make this myself - someone pass me the Winnie Blues and used tampons.


  1. Hahah you are so funny.....but isnt that always the way the cheap practicle back pack outdoes expensive Oi Oi nappy bag ...glad to hear your parents have moved closer thats excellent and change of lifestyle for them..
    With relation to bags Im in love with Guess and fell in love with Guess when visiting Hawaii last year but yes we have Guess stores I found out here in Sydney so check them out..a little more expensive but maybe you can order online

  2. mmmm.... I personally think you should stick with the diamond encrusted number - a bit of vintage, mixed with your youth worker ensemble.... could be starting a new trend!

  3. Athena, dont worry, I fell victim to Nappy Bag love and got myself an Oroton one. I loved it, and it was plain black and stylish, and even Duke could carry it. Making the move to a handbag is exciting, means your man is growing up... and Callum too... ha ha..

    Possumbum is nearly 4 and I still carry in my handbag, matchbox cars, hand wipes, spare Buzz Lightyear undies (no they are not mine), old kinder surprise toys, Ben10 figurines and coloured pencils.

    Oh and Im a victim of 'Guess'.. and just cause you're a mum doesn't mean you have to buy a brown handbag and Shooter wear sandals.. (ooohhh why do new parents do this??) Splurge, cause if you are like me you might have to use it for years! My Guess was $380, but its been around the ringer and had a bottle of wine poured upside down in it, and its still as good and diamonte new as when I got it, except now when Im thirsty I suck the lining.

  4. Sorry about my slow commenting... MIA and not been at my computer much :( Great to be moving onto a "you" bag - I finally gave up carrying little one things recently too :) That Louy Vouy bag is hilarious... it's amazing what people will pay for as long as it has a label on it !! What about Mimco ? And I've heard Kikki-K have got some great leather bags in recently. Have fun finding one... what a great project :)) Love always xoxo

  5. GAH! That Louis Vuitton bag is horrible!! I can't give bag advice; I'm so unfashionable my two bags are a backpack and a camera bag!!! I don't even own girlie one.

  6. Oh bags... my SIL has a serious purse fetish and couple probably give you better advice than me. However, I guess I'm of the attitude of going to the local mall and walking around... and when I find what I'm looking for, I know it. If you can find photos of stuff you like take those with you. Plenty of people make bags that look similar to designer ones with a much more reasonable price tag. (but they don't try to actually push them as designer and thus it's not illegal)


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