Monday, April 18, 2011

Mind Your Head Monday


My little one whose tongue is dumb,
Whose fingers cannot hold to things,
Who is so mercilessly young,
He leaps upon the instant things,

I hold him not. Indeed, who could?
He runs into the burning wood.
Follow, follow if you can!
He will come out grown to a man

And not remember whom he kissed,
Who caught him by the slender wrist
And bound him by a tender yoke
Which, understanding not, he broke.

~ Tennessee Williams

And Daddy didn't hold him by the wrist.
So he tumbled onto the concrete and rolled into the bushes.
Just because he could hear Mummy coming up the street.
All excited and trying to run, stumbling closer and wanting to give me a hug.



  1. OUCH... lots of cuddles needed I bet :( Looks like he's a brave little man xoxo

  2. Awwwww that was so cute that he wanted to get to his mama!! He is TOO adorable Athena!

  3. I have an image of the poor little Callum stacking it and rolling in the bushes, but like his mum, wiping off his hands and getting back up and none the wiser. Tough little buggar.. We take shots of Bodhs stacks too..

  4., so so sweet.....

  5. Aww thats very cute he wanted to get to you but Ouch that would have hurt poor little man

  6. Ouchy! Such a cute little boy, did you make it all better?

  7. Oh poor little guy!Such a sweet,adorable wee boy:) Love the poem!

  8. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous, sweet little man. I bet Mummy kissed it all better for him :-)

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