Friday, March 18, 2011

New Blog Friday

Today my blog gets featured on Aly’s New Blog Friday over at The Infertility Overachievers. Aly helps out bloggers by transcending their wee blogs to astronomical proportions. Think Charlie Sheen popularity. OK, a bit of an exaggeration, but nonetheless some undie exposure to this gorgeous blogging community.

Aly recently accomplished a Big Fat Positive on her IVF attempt. In a few months time her son, London will be a big brother. A big belly rub for a peaceful pregnancy and the safe arrival of your baby (or babies!) Aly. Thank you for all your support since I joined the blogging community and especially for my new and improved blog design.

Welcome new readers. Please have a read of My IF Journey and be inspired by other stories on Journeys of Success. I'm still drafting My Pregnancy Journey - it was a wicked time filled with fear, stress and anxiety. READ: Constant itching, bleeding and a dislocated rib. One day I'll build the courage to re-live it and write it down.

Here's an extra smidgen of info about me for you lovely newcomers and current followers who might appreciate another sticky beak into my world:

My greatest triumph in life is undoubtedly Callum, although I can French braid my own hair, which  falls down to my waist. I started to get grey hair, hmm Jeez, about 2 years into my IF experience. No fucking surprises there.

My personality is a cross between The Sopranos meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Speaking of weddings I yelled 'fucking hell' whilst walking down the aisle in the Greek Orthodox Church when I was getting married because I stumbled on my own feet. I can't wear heels! My dad who was holding my arm, cracked up laughing and giggled throughout the whole ceremony.
Shooter and I - Prettier Daze Before Fat Bum & Double Chin
My parenting style is full of humour and mistakes. Callum is not wrapped up in cotton wool because my parents already have a whole yarn knitted around him and spoil him rotten. He is their first grandchild and likely to be their only.
Callum @ 18 months old
Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you would like to participate in New Blog Friday, please click on the link.


  1. You looked so GORGEOUS on your wedding day! :-)

  2. I started getting crazy white hairs a few years into our IF struggles. It isn't bad enough that they're white, they also are kind of curly and super thick. I used to pull them all out but now I just leave them alone. Every day they remind me of what I went through to get here. We seriously have a love/hate relationship. How sad is it that I can write that much about a hair?

  3. Congratulations on New Blog Friday! And absolutely love your wedding pic, so pretty! And I miss my long hair, I had it down to the small of my back for my wedding and regrettably chopped it off one hot summer day and have been trying to grow it back ever since. Lol!

  4. *Waves*
    Hi nice to meet you!
    ~Julia at

  5. Love your blog and congrats on New Blog Friday :)) Following you all the way xoxo

  6. You deserve recognition Athena, I love your blog. You crack me up all the time!! And you do look stunning in your wedding photo! Woo hoo! And Callum gorgeous happy smiling as usual!

  7. hehehehe Athena you CRACK me up!! Love it! xx

  8. Ahhh Athena, thanks for the belly laughs!


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