Monday, March 7, 2011

International Women's Day + Cake

~ 8th March 1973 ~

Who knew that 38 years later, I would be celebrating my birthday on the same day as International Women's Day. I feel so honoured and cool.

It took my mum 8 hours to squeeze me out. I arrived at 12.10pm. My dad was waiting outside the birthing room, because back then men couldn't hold their wives hand and be a support person during labour. I was born in a private hospital on Crown St, Sydney. Years later, ironically, I would walk it's corridors to meet up with a client as the building had been converted to a homeless refuge for youth in crisis. My mum had an epidural for her pain and till this day her back where the injection was inserted continues to hurt.

My mum thinks I was a result of Clomid. At 21 years old, a migrant from Greece, she didn't have an education let alone any knowledge of infertility or treatments. She just wanted a child. She tried and tried. Her sister, who accompanied her to Australia was already pregnant with her second. Many other relatives and friends had snotty cheeky kids running around too. She went to a doctor, he gave her injections and pills and here I am today.

I love being a woman. The best achievement of my life was to carry a child and give birth to him. I'm also proud to be a working mum. I'm relentlessly involved in my Union. I have the right to vote. I can sit in a pub, with men and drink beer. I wear jeans. I shave my legs if I feel like it. I can do any type of job I want. I have an education. I chose the man I loved and married. I say 'fuck' a lot - I'm no lady, but I don't care. I have my own opinion.

So on this day, I raise my glass and celebrate my birth. I raise my glass and celebrate being a free and independent woman. I raise my glass to my fellow sisterhood.

Us women still have a relentless journey to tackle, but one day girls we will rule the world.

I stick my middle finger up to those who dare oppose me.

So for now, I will break my diet, blow my candles and eat cake.

I am woman hear me roar.

Happy International Women's Day and Happy Birthday to me.

My beautiful mother and I - aged 4


  1. Happy Birthday Athena!!!

  2. Happy birthday and Happy Women's Day! What an awesome day to celebrate your birth!!

  3. Happy Birthday! What a great day for me to discover your blog.

    Your Mother looks stunning in that dress.

    Pop over and see our Shamozal in Qatar if you've ever got a minute. Again, have a great day. Happy Birthday.


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! I love your blog posts, they're so refreshing and what a beautiful photo of you and your dear mum. Hope you have a great day eating anything that tickles your fancy and having a few drinks! Have a few extra to make up for my lack of drinking on my birthday will ya ;-) And enjoy your cake! That is one thing I DID indulge in - alot! xox

  5. Happy Birthday Athena! What great day to be born on alright!I absolutely love the photo of you and your mum :)
    Hope you have a fab day today and yay for CAAAAKE!Seriously it's actually against the law to diet on your birthday so go for it and have a piece for me toooo!xoxo

  6. Happy happy birthday... hope you have a great day :)) Such a great day to share with all the women around the world... you're so right - we've come a long way and can do so many more things than ever before. Amazing that there were generations of women who didn't feel as free. Love the photo of you and your mum :) Enjoy every last bit of your cake :)) xoxo

  7. I hope you realise that, in addition to being able to have magic, calorie-less cake, you are also entitled to take a water pistol with you on public transport to 'discipline' those who need it. You may need to take a few water bottles with you for refills.

    Happy birthday!

  8. What a kick arse post! You rock Athena!! Why do I have you on the 9th on my calender......Good thing you wrote this post. Happy Birthday and Happy International Womens Day!

  9. Happy Farkin Birthday luv!!!

    Photo is gorgeous. Your mum looks like a movie star! Bet your mums clomid was Wayyy better than today's, like all drugs!

    Cheers luv xo

  10. Happy Birthday luv. Women blow my mind xxx


    What a great photo of you and your mum it is too.


  12. Loved everything about this post! Happiest of birthdays to you~

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Gorgeous pic of you and your mum too!

  14. I loved this post! Happy birthday!

  15. Happy birthday and your momma is stunning! I want that dress!


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