Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm One Of Those ...

I'm one of those women now who sits on a train with a kid in a pram and:
  • Gets dirty death looks from women my age (A fellow IF? - sigh)
  • Passengers do an abrupt halt and run towards another carriage (I have a good kid, he won't bother you godsdamnit!)
  • Old ladies touch my kid, pinch my kids cheeks, give my kid chips and lollies that are wrapped in their hanky's (Fuck me)
  • Fertile cunts with 3 children who are allowed to run riot - feel that it is a prerequisite to come up to my kid with their filthy hands and snotty noses and touch my kid, slap my kid, kick my kid - whilst whore sits on her fat arse abusing one of her baby's daddy's on her mobile ignoring what her retard children are doing. (Make sure bitch I don't hear you say your full name, cause I'm a youth worker and have mates who work at the Department of Community Services) 
  • Any gender or age who feel comfortable to discuss whether I breast feed, whether I had a vaginal or cesearean birth, and how long my labour was. (He's not my kid, I stole him from a dingo)
  • Old men who have to remind me of the Golden Age where children were bashed to determine discipline and food was so rare that I have a very spoilt and lucky child because he was eating a biscuit.
I'm a public transporter who procures entertainment 3 days a week from the colourful citizens of the south westerners of Sydney. I've subjected my dear Callum to the perfunctory of human society since 6 months of age. He smiles at them. Completely oblivious to the conversations. Utterly innocent to the shallowness of people who have already judged him. Ignorant to the careless attention that is given to him.

I travel to his grandma, leave him with her to care for him. I then go to work with an effervescent amount of tales to tell my workmates. Sometimes it takes days to clean the bad taste from my mouth.

When grandma moves close to us, this episode will end. And I will go back to sitting in the section that is oblivious to the world, scratching my bum and consumed with my book.

For now, the battle continues to rage.

Bloggsters - What tales can you add to this list?


  1. I obviously don't have the same experience. But what is wrong with people? There used to be a group of people we had dinner with every Monday, and most of those with children would let them just run wild! Or let them stand next to the table while other people are eating and cough on my food?! Or embarrass the only children who behave and side quietly at the table and eat with utensils like civilised humans? Ugh. I hope your grandma moves close soon. (And I'm glad I never had to commute by train when I lived in Sydney.)

  2. My Mum had to start catching buses to work after she had a car accident a few weeks back - and I tell you, she is never short of stories!

  3. When I was a train commuter it was the Pakenham / Dandenong line that had the best stories. In the end I started catching the v-line from Pakenham as it still had a conductor and Pakenham was the final country stop before express to the city!

  4. I am on your train Athena and I think our train line is one of the better ones. I get so excited when you post, makes my day! I have helped a big coconut who collapsed and had two fits and wet himself.. I held his hand and waited for ambo's to take him. And this morning I swear a china was doing egg farts on my face as I was sitting and her flat bum was standing and in my face. And there's a retarded guy that gets on our line and repeats his stop over and over and over and over and I lose it every time, it's just funny to see people react to him that are not used to it, especially when his stop is 40mins away!!

    I'm typing this from the train, and it's got aircon, no one stinks and I just went over the brigde and safe into God Country..he he he

  5. Oh I don't need to travel on public transport experience this. my husband's family are pros when it comes to being real jerks...I hear ya!!

  6. My grandmother used to pull a tissue out of her purse, use it on me, put it back in.

    I realize that she lived through the depression, but come on! Even as a little kid I knew disgusting when I saw it.


  7. I've managed to avoid public transport (because it's not very good around here) since the days when tram conductors had a little leather pouch and sold tiny little funny paper tickets... but I'm "one of those mums" in cafes/supermarket that gets plenty of strange looks xo

  8. Priceless post! My husband got pick-pocketed while riding the el (Chicago public train) with our baby daughter in a front carrier. How evil is that?

  9. Oh yes, the ones I love are the ones who have their little domestics on the phone and make sure everyone 3 carriages away can hear.

    Yes, those are definitely my favourite... especially when there's a lot of F words and violence threatened...

  10. happy iclw. your son is beautiful. best wishes! #47

  11. I hate it when random strangers touch my kid's face! Yuck. It's cold and flu season, people!

  12. HAHA funny post! I just HATE when people touch my kids...Callum is just beautiful!

  13. I can't stand the general public, I have no idea how you manage to cope with a baby on public transport.

    I hate it when strange people touch my kid or ask innapropriate questions, when I was prengnant an old lady said "ooh a baby bump" and stroked my belly so I snapped at her and told her I was just fat.

  14. What a great post! You made me smile! and yes I hate it when people (who I don't know) touch my children! Arrrhhhh!!!
    Glad to have found you, following you now, come over and say hi when you get the chance. :)

  15. I just stumbled across your blog from AMB and i had to post somewhere and well this post seems appropriate. I read your About Me and was shocked to read your scared to drive.....I thought i was the only one.

    I have 3 kids and have to travel on a train 4 times a day to take them to school and back. Each trip takes 45mins. I am thankful it is at least not Sydney, after experiencing those trains i feel Brisbane ones are much better.

    My hell isn't so much with other passengers, more with trying to control my children on a train full of people, the fighting and what not. Yay for iPods and DS's.

    Looking forward to diving into your blog.



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