Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fat Arse Be Gone - Part 2 (Return of the Jelly Bean)

From Dusk to Dawn. Whilst you were sleeping. Or whilst you were playing. Depending which country you hail from.

My Weighloss Journey has come to a realisation - I need have to lose weight. Period.

Since this post I have been trying really hard to lose the weight, but no fat would budge. I was getting quite depressed about it as I had done this healthy lifestyle diet before and lost 12kgs. Something had to give.
So off to the doctor I merrily swore and cursed and shook my fist to the heavens I went. Several testings later, this my dear Bloggies is what I have been diagnosed with:

Pre-diabetes - basically if I don't get healthy and lose the weight I will forever be pricking fingers to monitor sugar levels as well as um yeah die from a heart attack or my feet will fall off from gangrene and I will have a belly that flops over and blankets my hooha. This condition has deterred the weight to fall off due to slack insulin working ineffectively.

Acid reflux - I was wondering why I keep winning belching competitions lately and why my throat burns everyday all day and why all of a fucking sudden tomatoes have become my enemy. I need to take a deep breath. Oh wait I can't. Try again.....that's better.

Anxiety has kicked in as well.

My knees click, my feet hurt, there's shooting pain in my hands. My left eyelid flutters. Constantly.

All repercussions of FAT and Sleep Deficiency and Too Much Coffee and No Sex.

I need a holiday......

Current fat arse weight: 78kgs (171 lbs)
Weight Loss Goal: 60kgs (132 lbs)

The Rules:

High Protein, Low Carb Healthy Lifestyle Diet - 3 meals, 3 snacks. Lowwww portions.
30 minutes per day of walking, weights, lunges, skipping rope, housework.
Drink more water.
Sleep - ergo don't stay up late watching Supernatural and perving on Jensen Ackles.

Medication and supplements I'm taking:

Metformin - diabetes/insulin. The happy happy joy joy side effect of this is I have to eat jelly beans if I feel fatigued.
Nexium - acid reflux
Slippery Elm & Chia Seeds - digestive/reflux
Fish Oil, multivitamins, B-complex, Chrome (sugar metabolism), Vitamin C.

I'll be living on this -

And this -

Not this -
Somebody kill me now......

Need to catch up on my Weighloss Journey?
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  1. I wish you luck! You sound about the same size as me. I was diagnosed as prediabetic 6 years ago, and I lost 25 pounds. Then IF kicked in, and then pregnancy, and I gained it all back and then some. For some reason, the prediabetes didn't come back, though. I really need to do what you are doing.
    P.S. I'm glad you're taking B-complex, as Metformin can cause B12 deficiency.

  2. Best of luck Athena! I am on the other end of the spectrum, trying desperately to gain weight! had to actually stop breastfeeding because I was losing too much weight.

  3. You can do eeeet!Good plan you have there, And love that you can still have the odd jellybean too hehe. Do you have iceblock moulds?If not they are a great buy- fill them with juice and they're a good treat when you really want something nice. Good luck! xo

  4. Good luck! The key is to not deprive yourself entirely ... to find balance in health. Cheering you on!

  5. All the best... I agree to not deprive yourself and have as much fun with it as you can - if no cake can be fun ? I admire you... I've not been able to stick to a diet for years... even though I probably should. Cheering you on too :) xo

  6. Just for you embryo is Peek, the other is Chu, don't ask me why but these are little pet names G and I sometimes call each other!Now you see why I didn't put them in my blog hehehe

  7. Oh you make me laugh! And I am with you on the weight loss - although I have accepted my own limitations and I am sticking with the buns and upping the exercise - the knees willing, I can thoroughly recommend 'couch potato to 5k' free - yes, FREE - podcast to download on itunes - in fact they have a squllion free exercise thingys. But this one appealed - and is like running/walking with a personal trainer who says when to walk, when to lumber - sorry, run and provides all the boppy music. I am a convert. xxxxx

  8. As a woman who is carrying to my weight and also has a left eye that flutters all the time I loved this blog. I have just found you.

    Did they say why your eye was fluttering?


  9. Kirsty - the optometrist said the fluttering relates to lack of sleep and too much coffee coupled with stress.
    Ants - you have to do a post about them! A short story of some sort.
    Deb - Yes that's why I'm taking the b-complex as I was told the meds can deplete B12 vitamins.
    Kate - I'm so far behind in technology, I'll have to invest in itunes!!
    Thanks everyone else for your beautiful comments and overall support. The metformin meds are not too bad as I was expecting bad nausea, altho at the moment I'm only on one tablet which has to increase to 4 a day within a 2 month period! I'm finding the diet easier now probaly because of the meds and the fact that my stomach doesn't want shit food. Hopefully I'll see some results soon. Off for a walk now with Callum.

  10. Hi
    Popping in from AMB to follow you and check out your blog.
    Love it! Will be back!


  11. Right, I have to say the top 2 photos are more appealing than the 3rd. You are going to win this fight, as you beat IF and now you have Callum for added support! And all of us of course! So go get the Wiggles collection out and hot potato your heart out!

    You have been a brilliant support to me and I want to repay the favour in this journey. This isn't a game now, this is your health and you need to put yourself first.

    Big hugs and lunges xoxo

  12. Good luck! I have found that just sticking to the high protein, low carb diet and getting that exercise in works great for me, so I know it will for you, too! Thanks for the love on my blog, and I'll definitely check in now and then. Be strong, mama!

  13. Love love love this. Will now be walking around all day saying to myself "fat arse begone!", and actually looking behind me to see if it's working.


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