Thursday, January 6, 2011


According to my Body Mass Index, I am obese.


This is very hard for me to comprehend. It didn't say 'overweight' or thosedeliciouspuddingscakeschocolates youhad overchristmas added a few kilos to your arse..... takes deep breath. No, I AM obese.

I hate myself.

I am 80kg (176 lbs) and for my age (turning 38) and my wee little height (157cm, 5'2) I should weight around the 50-60kg mark. I have tuck shop arms. I have cellulite that start on my bum and leads down to my thighs. I have 2 chins. My face skin looks crinkly; a haggard tired looking woman. I need wheel barrels to lift up my boobs - front and on my back. I jsut typede this sentencen wlrondg because my fingers are trooo fat and hit two buttontons at once. I looked into the long mirror this morning and saw a woman I did not want to see.

No more excuses Athena, it's time to get off your fat lazy arse and start losing weight. Look at your son. Will you be around for him if you are buried 6 feet under deep in the ground, dead because of a heart attack?

I can't blame pregnancy for it. 82kg was the heaviest I weighed at pregnancy and quickly lost 12kgs after Callum was born. I had 6 months of maternity leave and all I did was sit around, watch TV and eat crap whilst looking after my son. The weight slowly crept up on me. Slowly, like a thief in the night. A biscuit here, a burger there. Procrastination - such a long big word, but it's evil I tells ya, EVIL.

I had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The trifecta diagnosed me with this: older age, overweight and genetic. Type 2 diabetes would be a definite if I continue with this lifestyle. Heart attacks run in my family. My dad had triple by-pass surgery because of a stroke. I'm already feeling breathless just typing this.

I know how to eat healthy. I cook fresh food almost everyday. I space out my meals and I drink water like a fountain. It's when I get bored that does it. Sitting around doing fuck all. Especially during winter. Callum has only now started to become very active. Like VERY active. Before he would roll around on the mat in front of me, exploring his toys and chewing on coffee table legs. Meanwhile I'm sitting on the lounge, watching TV, munching on chips. Munch munch munch munch munch. Constantly munching on something.


It's summer here in Australia. I live in a suburb full of parks, ponds and bike tracks. Callum loves the outdoors. And now that he is near to running, it's time for some real fun and play.

Seriously love, get your shit together fatso. Go to that shed, dust off the good old BMX and start peddling. Start riding for better health and a better life.

I couldn't give a fuck about being a yummy mummy. I just want to be alive for my son. Wish me luck (oh and any tasty recipes you could recommend!)


  1. Check out the Diabetes Australia website - there's a recipe there for Chinese Five Spice Pork that I absolutely LOVE.

  2. Hey Athena, I've been finding it very hard to motivate myself too-I started working from home a couple of months ago and I'm at the pantry every 5 minutes! I don't know if you saw my post about Zumba a couple of weeks ago but I MADE myself go to a class and it was really fun!Just an idea if you wanted something different to do-it doesn't really feel like exercise IYKWIM!
    We usually eat vegetarian-my favourite recipe is based on my fave dish ever-spanikopita!Actually it changes every time depending on what ingredients we have,filo, spinach, an egg or 2, sometimes cottage cheese and feta, and just a little brush of olive oil on the top layer of filo.yum!
    Best of luck!xxx

  3. Go you BMX Bandit! Whip down to the esplanade at Cronulla and walk the boobs off your back, or give them to Bcup me! I love this muffin top rant! Ha ha! Swap chips for watermelon, and try a no white food diet (as in no chips, potatoes , white bread, etc). We eat out when we can and always say hold the side dish of fat. Everything comes with chips these days! Go get the 'Getting Strong' Wiggles DVD and do what they do. I did that with my son when he was young and it's a bloody workout, and Callum will have a good laugh too!

  4. Hi Anetha welcome to my world. Funny we are exactly the same height, (short arse in my definition). I know it's hard to get motivated. I just have to look at food & it's on my hips.
    I have my fantastic Mr W drag me out of bed every morning to go on the treadmill. It's a life time battle, but in your case it's worth it for Callum's sake & yours.
    When I'm on a health kick we do this vegetable medley thing that we both love. Cut up eggplant, zuchini, mushrooms, red onion, sweet potato, carrot (basically anything you want, try to stay away from too many carbs), chuck it all into a roast tray, spray with a little olive oil & sprinkle with tuscan seasoning, let roast for about 1 hour. Delicious & normally serve with a bite of meat of some kind. Also I take the leftovers to work the next day for lunch, so healthy lunch option.
    Best of luck

  5. Bella - top recipe! just been to the docs and symptoms suggest i may have the good 'ol diabetes. So i've checked out the website and will follow their diet protocol.
    Ants - Zumba looks mad. At work (i'm a youth worker)I get Zumba facilitators for the girls. I think i'll be joining in this time!
    Tee - OMG Callum already has Gettig Strong Wiggles DVD. But i haven't taken much notice of it as i'm usually doing the housework when Callum watches it. And he loves it!
    Bee - Yummo recipe. I might swap some of those high carb foods for low carb. Sorry to hear about your weight struggles too, lets hope we can both kick fat arse by the end of the year.

  6. Athena, get on a red skivvy and do your thang! Callum will love it!


Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her Eye, In every gesture dignity and love" ~ John Milton. Thank you for your comments.