Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fat Arse Be Gone - Part 1

Welcome to the first post of ME and the battle of all battles to rid the evil monster named FAT.

Me who is trying to lose weight, get exercising, get healthy and live.

Live Long and Prosper.

The new journey begins. Wish me luck. Eat a big juicy dripping fat disgusting delicious burger for me, please...

Current fat arse weight: 80kgs (176 lbs)
Weight Loss Goal: 60kgs (132 lbs)

A few years ago, about 3 years into my IF Journey, I joined Sureslim. It was likely that being overweight contributed to my infertility thus shedding some kilos was a primary goal. I lost 12kgs in a space of 2.5 months and squeezed into a Size 10 (Aust. figures) I was so proud of myself and one might say, I looked purdy. And purdy I was at one of the relo's 3rd kids Christenings. At least I felt good and was smug enough to take on the many comments of being child-less.

Fast forward - the weight is back on, more fast and furious than that ugly bold actor Vin Diesel. I will be following Sureslim's protocol again, which is based on a lifestyle healthy eating plan. A high protein, low carb diet. Additionally, taking into consideration that I may have developed diabetes (conclusive results coming soon to a town near you) I will also be following Diabetes Australia's recommendation to a healthy lifestyle.

Oh yes and about 10-15 minutes of daily exercises. This will consist of walking, playing with the boy, and backyard weights. Most of the exercise routines have been adapted from the time I slogged it out at the gym, a year before I got pregnant.

Become a follower and have a gander at my trials and tribulations of regular weigh-ins, munching menu's and jiggle jiggle bum exercises. Please stand on the sidelines and wave your flags of support or better still, if you also need to bitch slap the FAT - join me.


Today - 2 hour glucose diabetes test.
Rocked up to the clinic fasting from food. First blood test felt like a sting. Then I drank the shit, I don't understand how some people think this shit tastes o.k. It's not yummy. It's shite! One hour later, woken up by the pathologist as I snuggled under a blanket feeling sorry for myself for putting myself in this position. Blood test 2 - this one hurt a little. Back to the freezing air conditioned room. Trying to sleep. Negative thoughts running through my head. What's new? Trying to day dream. Set goals in my diary. Time went fast this past hour. Third blood test. Ouch fucking ouch fuck ya. It's over. Results pending........

I think I deserve a raspberry cream almond cake.

I'll start the diet tomorrow. Promise


  1. Woohoo I'm waving my flag of support! And I'll jump on the bandwagon with you on the fitness thing,fingers tightly crossed that your tests come back okay.
    Gawd that cake looks nice!I'll just look at it and drool.... :)

  2. Hey great blog! I have just lost 20 kgs, that was my original goal but now I am being super critical and want to lose another 10, I was naughty over christmas but I am back on the wagon so we can wagon it together. That cake looks fantastic, cake is my downfall. You can do it just think of all the bloggy support you have got and you will conquer the fat.


Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her Eye, In every gesture dignity and love" ~ John Milton. Thank you for your comments.