Thursday, August 25, 2011

BREAK Life Into Parts, and Handle One Part at a Time

I'm taking a blogging break.

I can pretend that I have writer's block but alas I'm just feeling lazy. The spring air that is teasing me at the moment is motivating me enough to open the door, breathe in the air and then quickly walk back inside as I'm sneezing a lung here.

I usually blog when there's a quiet moment at home (and sometimes work, ssshh...) There's no money in it for me nor is it a business venture, let alone any writing opportunities. There are far better writers and bloggers out there, just look at my sidebar! I write for fun and a laugh or sometimes to just get stuff out of my head. Most of all it is a link for others who may find hope in my infertility journey. It won't be missed. It's time to utilise my free time for other things I have loved doing during my life: reading books and television.

It's time to dust off The Strangest Adventures series. Written at the tender age of 13 by Alexandra Adornetto who is an Australian author. As a youth worker, I've always supported young people and their talents and I was completely amazed at this young writer. I have yet to finish the series and look forward to losing myself in the colourful characters.

And then there's the classic serial killer book that I have been inspired of late to read again after meeting a couple of my beautiful forum friends and another very soon. How the fuck did I tie forum friends and serial killers together you ask? Well what would go through your head when you are just about to meet people you first "met" on the Internet?

Then I will grab a bag full of delicious cheese and bacon ball chips carrot and celery sticks and watch my all time favourite TV cop show The Shield and then indulge in the period piece The Tudors.

In between the relaxing times I will again be a mother, a wife, a sister and daughter. A friend, an employee and a gym attendee. I will also be researching and documenting my mum's Greek recipes and hope to inspire you, feed you and salivate your senses when I return.

Ta ta...


  1. Have a lovely break from blogger!Can completely understand it having had rather a long one myself....enjoy the books and for f*cks sake eat the cheese and bacon balls-none of this celery stick business!
    Enjoy :)

  2. Enjoy your break, I'll be waiting for your return because I love a good read!!! Emerse yourself in those books, tv, good food and family life.

  3. I still think you'd have made a very pretty lampshade ;) LMAO


  4. I will miss reading your blog but luckily I have you elsewhere : ) (That sounded creepier than I was expecting)

  5. I miss you already ... but you'll be back! And for goodness' sake, down with celery!!

  6. Enjoy your break -- I'll be waiting for you when you get back! Not in a stalking way...

  7. Enjoy your break and spoil yourself. I'm taking a bit of a break too myself. Just can't seem to find the time to write. Thanks for your lovely comment on my last post. Nice to meet a new face. x

  8. Sorry that I'm so behind on realising that you've been taking a break. I've been taking a break of sorts too... needed time away from thinking about IF constantly. I also didn't realise until today that you'd given me an award awhile ago... thank you so much :) I hope that you're travelling OK and thinking of you always xoxo


Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her Eye, In every gesture dignity and love" ~ John Milton. Thank you for your comments.