Monday, August 15, 2011

Shopping Centres and Tantrums Are The Equivalent to Arse and Undies

They go hand in hand.

They are the same.

One can not live without the other.

Shooter and I decided to go to the food court for lunch on the weekend. With The Boy in tow and a vibrancy in our step, we were hanging for some good 'ole fish and chips. The pram was left at home so the kid could run his hearts content up and down the many aisles. We explored the various shops with it's glorious colours and noted in our heads the Christmas Gift shopping list. We carted too and from the abundance of the crowd.

Until we hit the DVD shop.

And The Boy spotted it, right down on the bottom shelf.

A Wiggles DVD. The four blokes and their skivvies.

And he had to have it. Grabbed it and walked off staring at it, oblivious to the nearby escalator. Consumed with it's front cover images.

We tried to pry it out of his small hands. Distract him with something else.

We tried.

Then the hysterics started. The screaming, stamping, epileptic "I'm being murdered" tantrum began.

Eyes bulging, mouth wide open with foam pouring from the sides and a ferocious cry, legs kicking, shoes falling off. Helicopter twisting when I tried to grab his hand and lift him up. Pushing me away, running away crying "Wiggles Wiggles Wiggles". Tears that flooded his little face.

People staring, some giving me the look of understanding. Others with contempt. The rest just laughed.

I felt like this:

We gave in of course. $20 later. Who the fuck puts children's DVD's on the bottom shelf?

Next time I go to the shopping centre, I'll be wearing this:

I've got to hand it to the kid though, he did put on a marvelous performance!

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  1. Love it!
    The Nazgul shop-lifted a bag of cornflakes this morning (obviously the new must have item for toddlers), a ridiculously expensive, no additive brand from the pharmacy. It was delightful stomping back in to pay for them, although the $6 it cost me was a bargain compared to a nuclear tantrum (she had mangled the top and visibly licked the packet so I had to buy rather than return).

  2. The retail industry definately know children putting appropriate items all in their eye sight...I do not look forward to the day my child can ask for things and chuck a tantrum...I say now I wont give in but Im not the one in the moment full of onlookers watching so I understand your decision...

  3. Did you watch 60 minutes the other night with the Wiggles. Good marketing! Even I dance like the yellow wiggle - totally unintentionally! I don't remember ever throwing those sort of tantrums :)

  4. hahahaha... helicopter twisting - he knows how to get what he wants! Those bloody Wiggles have a lot to answer for!


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