Monday, February 6, 2012


Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

When was the last time you wrote? Actually wrote with a pencil or pen in your hand? I can't remember, maybe last weeks shopping list?

How fucking boring - cheese, milk, bread ....

Edenland is a legend blogger and came up with this fanfuckingtastic idea for a meme of sorts and linking up with other bloggers. Every Saturday she will put up a theme that anyone can contribute to. I know it's Monday, but I've finally taken my finger out of my arse, and I promised her I would participate. So here is my effort. I've always liked this quote about children reading. I encourage my son often to pick out a book and I read it to him.

I hope reading books doesn't become perfunctory just like handwriting has become.

The kids at my work often describe and associate my handwriting with graffiti, the tagging kind. I wonder what my tag would have been in my youth?

"Children want to do what the grown ups do. Children should learn that reading is pleasure, not just something that teachers make you do in school"
~ Beverly Cleary.


  1. I wrote last night matter of fact. And it was print too, not hurried running writing. Had to do homework for B! He is 4! Homework! Anyway, I was quite proud of the neatness of my 34yr old writing, B's wasn't too bad either! Ha!

  2. I write in my journal all the time. I love the feeling of good paper and a good quality pen. And I love the way the words just flow...

  3. I write plenty of lists too at the moment - I'm a list freak! But that's about the extent of my hand writing these days... oh, and post it notes at work!

    I like your handwriting :)

  4. I love this. Books were my first best friends!

  5. I love your handwriting, shows creativity!

  6. What a wonderful idea... I certainly hope that reading and writing aren't lost for our kids... and I'm resisting the urge from all the parents IRL around me that have bought iPads for their kids - WTF !?! I want our DD to read actual books for at least a few more years. Love to you always xoxo


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