Monday, February 20, 2012


I've been contemplating this for a while and I've finally made my decision.

Today I say goodbye to this little blog. Today I bid you all my dear readers, a farewell.

Quite simply, I'm just too busy to even try to put words together on a regular basis. This last year I've transposed a few words on this blog just to be able to say that I've contributed. Alas the reality is, my mind is flooded with lots of material, but I can't find the time nor the relaxing silence to write it out effectively. Consequently, I've come to the conclusion that I. Am. Not. A. Blogger. I can't spin shit out of my arse regularly and so far I've only accomplished a conservative number in audience and very few comments each post. Let's get real here, I really don't have anything to profoundly illustrate anymore.

The light in my lamp has diminished.

And I couldn't care less. Really, I don't. This is no attempt at me being a victim and trying to hoodwink any sympathy votes and comments in order to continue. I simply have engaged in other activities in my life and writing in blogging form has not taken a priority.

I truly believe that blogging is for certain people or situations. For those who inspired me in the first place to write: The primary and secondary infertility community, the pregnant journeys and the established mummy bloggers. For those who would otherwise write in a diary, the ones who reach out in an educating and supporting circumstance and offer information. The cooks, the fashionista's and the inspiring writers/journalists trying to forge a widespread audience in order to be classified as authors.

I don't have any ambition in blogging anymore.

My week in general is spent: working, going to the gym, entertaining my son, being a conscientious housewife, spending time with extended family, socialising and very soon undertaking another tertiary qualification to further my skills. If I have some spare time, I might make love or watch a movie or read a book or knit or sleep or just stare into space.

I could have just disappeared, not posted and none would have been the wiser. I'm just offering an unpretentious explanation. The blog won't be deleted and it will remain in the Internet for anyone to find. For those in the darkness searching, and then a whisper trickles in their heart after they read my infertility story and it inspires them to hope and have faith again.

Or maybe they need a recipe for Galaktoboureko.

Or accidentally found their way here after googling arse, bum, cunt or fuck... weirdos.

I'll still be stalking and reading your blogs even if I now comment as 'anonymous'. If you would like to continue our shenanigans together and correspond more personally, just like I have done with others, please contact me on:

"Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened."
~ Dr. Seuss

"When another blogger can get over 600 comments writing about stuffed weasels, that is when I know I'm in the wrong business and should be utilising my time to scratch my minge instead"
~ Athena


  1. Awww, sad to see but totally understand as I feel the same way! I may revise as time goes on and life starts to become less hectic but writing through my infertility journey was where I bloomed in the blogger world and now I just don't seem to have the inspiration, nor the desire to write as much. Will be seeing you! xox

  2. I'm sorry to see you go, but totally understand! I find it hard enough to bog as it is and I don't even have a child yet!

    I will miss your witty humor indeed, but will be sure to keep up to date with what's happening in your life via FB and emails during work time! hehe xxx

  3. You know what, I just poured my little heart to Ants about our little gang who USED to email. I miss it. There, it's out there. I have seen everyone move on, and now you. To be honest I'm pretty guttered... Now I have to actually do work at work!

    But YOU.. I have met you in the flash on a blind blog date across the road from my house. I hope Callum lived that mini micro scooter. I also hope that the Westfield cleaners didn't mind cleaning up you coffee. Ha ha..

    I will miss you. You are the only one that would say what we all thought, but XXX rated. From this blog I know that your first grey was a pube, you aren't scared to say 'cunt', and you cried on the tiles of your home, too many times because of infertility. You give me hope I will be able to conceive naturally. I will go back to Chinese mess after my clomid stash. I will do it because it helped you and Jes get your miracle sons.

    Let's stay in touch. Cause damn if I fall pregnant and no one is left to fucking hear me scream it!!!

    And for you:

    FUCK U infertility arsewipemtherfuckercuntdickcockpooshitontoast!

    Love you Athena. Blogging world just got poorer losing you, Haidee on a break, Ants a new mum, Ree & Chon decorating and Jes & Tracey being brilliant mums to new boys.

    Don't be a stranger.. Promise me..xx

  4. Stuffed weasels? Really?

    I understand what you're saying, though. My own posting has slowed considerably lately. I wonder about my contribution, its value.

    I'm sad that you're leaving. I'm glad that you were here. I hope that you really *do* haunt the rest of us sometimes ... and that some day when I finally get myself to your little corner of the world, I will get to meet you. :)

  5. That's a shame. I was just getting in to your blog, having recently started following it.

  6. I love you anonymous and will miss your writings on here, however am very glad you're not disappearing all together! mwah x

  7. Oh Athena... sorry that I didn't realise until today. I've loved blogging with you and all your support has meant to much to me. You are such an amazing blogging friend and I wish you all the best. I would love to keep in touch too... and hope that all goes well with you into the future. I'll be on if you ever want to chat :) Love to you always xoxo

  8. Oh! That`s not fair today I visit your blog first time and I like it so much and enjoyed a lot to read but it`s a bad news that you are leaving..
    Any way`s we should think positive so we will meet again.
    Hidden Idol

  9. I am finally catching up on my reading to discover that you are leaving! I totally get it -- I feel guilty for not posting on a regular basis, but the real people in my life always come first. (And reality TV, and wine, and sitting on couch...) You are a wonderful writer with lots of wit and insight~
    Glad our paths crossed and best wishes on your blog-free life.

  10. Sorry to hear you've quit, but I totally get where you're coming from. Good luck with your studies!

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