Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy "1st" Birthday Blog

You started as a seed. A true story of infertility and hope. Reaching out to people who were searching for information and inspiration for their own journey.

The blog remained stagnant for a few months, just a page and a blot in the blogosphere. An amateur at writing but with many stories, feelings and thoughts that needed to escape from the head and be written.

The seed was planted and you were born. You wrote about your sister that garnered thoughtful comments.

You teased us with recipes of sweets that formed pools of drool on the floor.

A makeover made you look pretty.

Parenting after Infertility added you to the Stirrup Queen's Roll Call. This post and this one brought you new followers and readers.

Your fat bum series caused many to smile at your adventures of shedding the kilo's, though it has been suggested that a finale is on the horizon.

Your head ballooned to a double size as you were awarded for being versatile and stylish.

You hosted a baby shower for a special friend who battled infertility and now holds her precious son in her arms and is trying to get him to latch on to her boobies.

The month of June was your saddest as the tears continue to flow for a friend who lost her life to mental illness and another friend who lost her baby.

You remembered our soldiers whilst remembering your experience with infertility and busted a myth.

You are proud to be a working mother.

Your favourite posts though would have to be about your son. His eyes and his stickiness.

How odd that you share your name with an American baseball movie. It's as boring as Cricket. But you're not boring, no not to me sweet pea.

You are still looking for that perfect bag.

Although you are not a regular poster and you do not blog for profit, I thank you for your insight, knowledge and humour. May you celebrate the day feeling all warm and fuzzy. Happy Birthday and now let's eat cake!


  1. Bahahahahaha! Happy first Birthday! Love the have really let yourself go you think it's time for a bit of a tidy up Athena??? Just a friendly suggestion - I'm sure shooter would appreciate it!

  2. Hee hee, love it!!!
    Happy 1st Birthday blog and Athena : )

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH LOVE the bday cake. I want one for my next bday! I showed Sydney Boy and told him I want one and his first response was - it's a bit hairy to be you! Classic! haha

  4. How awesome! Happy Birthday Blog! You are one of my fovourites!!

  5. Happy, happy 1st birthday -- wishing you many more! (And a brazilian!)

  6. What a classic hahahaha made me laugh for a good start to seedy Tuesday morning..quite a display and love it..Happy 1st Birthday blog!!! and you summed the year up well! xx

  7. Happy Bday you dirty bitch blog! I would not expect anything else from this blog, what a unmanicured cake!

    Woo hoo!

  8. Awesome. :) Happy Blogoversary! And many, many more!!!

  9. Happy first birthday. Great wrap up!

    Enjoy the future. x

  10. Can't believe you only been going a year, have only just come to it and think it is fantastic.

    I can't wait for my birthday coz I am so having that cake, don't how well my Dad will cope though

  11. Happy blog-a-versy! LOVE the cake, LOL.
    (from ICLW)


Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her Eye, In every gesture dignity and love" ~ John Milton. Thank you for your comments.